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Monday, 22 August 2011

We made it!

Dear all.
Dom and I got back from John O'Groats this morning on the overnight sleeper....WE MADE IT!!
Many thanks to everyone that sponsored us, we have raised (Including Gift Aid) £2,030 for the Kids Company which I will carefully spend for some special Art Materials for the Kids.
It was hard going in parts, particularly hilly in Cornwall but not so bad in Scotland, we saw some amazing landscapes, mountains, forests, seas, beaches, rivers, mist, rain, sun, was incredible.
We did 1150 miles in total. Curly Dom's bike needed new brake blocks and mine needed a new chain and freewheel which disintegrated on route. We also ate a lot of cake and I am sure our bellies are bigger than when we left!
Below is a selection of photos from the trip.
Thanks again....we are planning our next venture already...across India perhaps?


  1. Brilliant!! well done! inspiring !! xxx

  2. Very Well done Guys .. so enjoyed seeing the beautiful pics of your epic journey.
    Carole xx

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